First and foremost do research to know how i want to run my shop, and tips from other Etsians.

1. get a checking account that allows me to have a debit bank card.

2. Design a banner and avatar for my Etsy shop.

3. sign up with Etsy’s newsletter. Start my Etsy shop. and decide my shop policies.

4. sign up with paypal as a premier account

5. go through the steps with paypal to link my bank account so they have somewhere to put the money when i make a sale

6. Fill in my pages at Etsy: profile, shop policies, etc

7. List a few items to start.

8. Start a blog (i actually did this in the begining) talk about the shop, etsy, everyday crafting, etc

9. Find places to put a link to my etsy shop- forums I belong to,  craftster.
Sign up with new places- Martha Stewart. Could even do women’s magazine sites, probably.

10. Figure out my packaging, get necessary supplies.

11. advertise- one hour= $.50; handmadecraftshow link in list for 1 year $2.95  {this didn’t help any really)

12. buy business cards from vista print if i would have waited could have got a better deal.
But at least sign up for their newsletter and can get some good deals.

13. Keep doing photo shoots of jewelry I’ve already made.

14. Look for supplies and inspiration for more jewelry i could make.

15. Research coming trends: search “fall 2009 trends”, look in fancy shops like Elder Beerman, and others for whats hot. And do designs based on the trends. Are pearls in this year? Big chunky or dainty feminine? What colors are hot-neon or sophisticated black and gold?
Also could check wists to see what the gals are wishing they could get.

16. Organize my Firefox favorites by how they help my shop: suppliers, inspiration1 other things i could make; inspiration 2: jewelry inspiration. have Etsy, PayPal, email account, bank site links to the top of the favorites to access them quickly.