my town did a city wide garage sale day.

i got a bunch of cool stuff.

the patterns i picked up were
patterns i got from yard sales

6006 holly hobe stuffed doll
5595 childs’s bell bottom halter/jumpsuit in 2 lwngths and top
5705 child’s jiffy top, bloomers, and bell bottom pants
8503 girl’s jiffy skirt
7654 misses nightgown in 2 lengths

5067 children’s nightgown

carefree patterns 5073 misse’s set of tops
3798 child’s and girl’s nightgown, pajamas, and pjs bag
4312 infants jumpsuit, jumper, romper, top and hat
5216 infant’s sundress, romper, panties, and bonnet

I also picked up the following
card file $2
box of old sewing stuff $.50
store-plastic bag of fabric and patterns $.50
headphones $1
candle holder .25
dress $4
backpack .50
mother goose book 2
kanja symbol rubber stamp set 3
velour shorts .50
shirt 1
iron 2
purse .50
metal bladed box fan for 1
magazines free
full body chair massager $2