My swap partner received both of her boxes that I sent. She and her family enjoyed them.

Here’s her post about what I sent her in the first box:

“”I received! My stalker is hotty_blonde2000. It took me a while to go thru all of the stuff in the box…I was so excited! One of her posts said theres a second box coming, so I am definately spoiled Grin Kinda pic obese.

Onto the pics from box one that arrived today:

Misc. goodies for me to play with…keyboard keys so I can make my keylander (magnetic calendar on fridge with keyboard keys)

A dragon egg! I’ve wanted a floppy disk holder for my desk, but this one in yellow is cool! Also a little box that will go on my desk too…aaaand a Harry Potter wand! My four year old confiscated it and tried to make the cats disappear.

A kit for me to start making resin items woohoo! Molds and little bits of stuff to use in it.

My Mr. Alex with a permanent grin on his face with the wand…trying to watch COPS

and finally some little notepads made with old goosebumps trading cards, a little pin pouch that is perfect to keep my needles in and chocolate!!

Thank you so much, you gave me a very happy half hour opening items lol. “”

And her post about what I sent in the second box:
“” Ok, got my 2ND box from my stalker hotty_blond2000 — and wow!

The first box made me happy, so this just puts it over the edge! gonna be pic heavy again Smiley

Lemme see…theres a pair of thick knit socks that I’m sure my hubby will snag when he sees them, a beautiful scarf that I can’t wait to wear out, cup holder-I’ve already started embroidering a daisy on it!, matchbook notepads, a bag of earrings etc that she made (love it!), recipe cards because I’ve signed up for the budget food swap, bookmarks and a project I can’t wait to finish- a frog threadcatcher!

She painted a coffee cup on canvas, I was hoping to get some artwork! This will go in my kitchen Smiley A hand held sewing gadget, hopefully I can use this easy, it will come in handy when camping and I want to craft, a vampire plaque, and a magnetic tray with the notepaper painted on – she had trouble finding sheets of magnets to put the words together,but I think I’ve seen some at Michaels so I’ll go friday and get them! My teenager will take this when it’s done lol.

finally, she sent some supplies for projects she knows I’m working on and some crafting books!

I’m so overwhelmed, this is one of the best swap packages I think I’ve gotten! Thank you so much this was fantastic Smiley Smiley Smiley “”

If you are a craftster member you should definitely consider joining a swap – if you Haven already. They are so much fun!