over the past few years ive participated in swaps on craftster.org
I even organized one, “Crafty Detective Round 4”.

my current swap im in is “Another Crafty Detective Swap” {CDS aka round 5}
I sent out my package Monday afternoon.

Ill post pix when she receives.

Right now im trying to figure out who is going to send to me.
There are 75 total participants.

A crafty detective gallery of sneakiness!!

These are the matches known:
meleriffic to superhooker pg18
ehinders to sarahj2001 pg20
Princesspimp81 to Hollistercobabe pg20
tattooedcrafter to gamemom42 pg14
Hollycost to freestyle pg 22
Eloise24 to Kristen81 pg11
Pinkmichk to battenberg pg12
Snazzlecraft to meleriffic pg14
mink_bikini to thecleverfox pg 16

now off to read all the clues to try to narrow it down.